Future standard of information management

Source is a platform that enables management, interoperability, and ownership of data.

A platform that empowers the management, interoperability, and ownership of data.

The importance of digital identity and data ownership, along with the fragmentation of information has now reached an inflection point. Developers need a platform to manage structured data, make interoperable applications and enable users to take back control of their data.

Data Ownership

Creators truly
own their data

Users are enabled to capture and manage their own data. Applications and services are able to obtain user’s information through dynamic permissioning. Encryption ensures that no one else can access user’s data.

Data Interoperability

Connecting applications
through data

Applications and services fulfill specialized tasks, often replicating and duplicating user’s data in centralized silos. Developers are enabled to gain access to data and information that was created by other applications.

Data Management

Get from idea to
product faster

Source comes with a collection of Schemas and Elements created by us and our community, letting developers easily build their information architecture using shared components.

How does building an Application
with Source work?

Source makes it easy to get started building apps with the benefits of a decentralized platform, like identity, permissioning, data interoperability and distributed data storage, using our platform tools and SDK for data access powered by GraphQL.

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