Demand More Power
Over Your Data

Own the internet of the future, with decentralized tools and infrastructure that prioritize data interoperability, privacy preservation, and trustless ownership.

The Source Stack

The Source ecosystem fuels developers to complete the transition to a fully realized decentralized web. Our collaborative suite of components enables the necessary data management capabilities, and enhanced user control over data and privacy protocols.


Deploy decentralized,
user-centric databases

Deploy databases in any environment, including edge, user devices, IOT, cloud native environments, and decentralized infrastructure.

Seamless data flow between devices, retaining full functionality across a distributed network.

Unprecedented control over data permissions and management.


Data interoperability,
privacy, and ownership

Trustless data management, backed by an open, public blockchain.

Consensus driven permission and policy enforcement.

Ensure consistent version and tagging via data anchoring.

Secrets Engine

Keep secrets secret,
for those in the know

Store, share, and manage secrets & credentials in a trustless, cryptographically secure manner.

Enforce data privacy however you want, putting your users’ privacy at the forefront.

Zero-Knowledge Key Management System for intuitive user authentication and access.

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