Magic People, Join the OPEN Quest!

// February 21, 2024

The internet as we know it was a collaborative effort. Bright minds coming together in harmony working to build infrastructure in the spirit of the public good. No restraints, no controls, no rent-seeking. A network upon which we could store and distribute the new oil of the information age, data. A mission among equals to explore the evolving render of cyberspace. Pure human ingenuity without motive or agenda to advance us as a species. We thank our developer ancestors for what they built, and the open spirit in which they shared it.

Let’s do it again. Let’s create magic. An open quest upon which all can embark together. Rewarding pioneers, supporting talent, and including everyone. OPEN Quest is Source Network’s community-powered initiative to create the open internet. A people-driven approach to break the monopoly of centralized control and decentralize every developer’s tech stack. 

The Quest Is Open to EVERYONE

If anyone wants to join Source Network’s mission, they can. There is no interview. Everyone is capable of manifesting magic; we are all Sourcerers. Whether that’s bringing battle-tested expertise on JSON-object transformation or simply sharing our updates with your audience, anyone, tech-savvy or not, can help Source create a foundation upon which the open internet can thrive.

We just want anyone who believes in what Source Network is doing. The problem with many dApps currently is that they are DINOs - decentralized in name only. Hashing your centralized off-chain data on-chain is not actually decentralization. Relying on AWS-KMS is not decentralization. Leaving user data in the clutches of server farms is not decentralization. It’s not dApp developers’ fault; decentralization isn’t easy. 

The Goal of OPEN Quest

Source Network is making the tools to make it easy. Our community is the go-to source for any developer that wants to decentralize their stack. A peerless network of peers building P2P tech that gives data back to the people. I.e, that creates self-sovereign data.

Permissionless, trustless, free. Federated micro-economies blooming outside the auspices of BigTech behemoths who control, rent-seek, ordain, and manipulate the data upon which modern society operates. A faustian bargain with monopoly operators for our daily services. The needle has swung too far from that first spirit of the open-source internet towards the on-rail UX that extracts from users at every step. The internet is a walled garden, let’s tear it down. The internet is closed. It’s time to open it up.

This is our OPEN Quest, Sourcerer. It’s time to start. 

Why Join OPEN Quest?

Why? Well, if the above wasn’t enough.

OPEN Quest will soon connect you to a talented community of pioneering devs working on decentralization tools, allowing you to meet great people and grow your knowledge base on the cutting edge tech that is underpinning our new internet. 

Of course, this is crypto. It’s about recognizing and rewarding contributions. The beauty of on-chain networks is their capacity and efficiency in rewarding the edges of collective ecosystems. Spreading authority and ownership to the fringes and diluting the center. Making sure those who give also receive. 

What You Will Do on OPEN Quest

In OPEN Quest, as you build, learn, and grow our community, you earn XP that’s convertible to many soon-to-be-announced goodies alongside the TGE of the $OPEN token, which mediates the entire Source Network to create economically efficient decentralized systems. 

OPEN Quest will ceaselessly grow and invite everyone under the roof of our broad church. As long as you believe in full-stack decentralization and an internet without barriers, third parties, and rent seekers, you are welcome to add your skills.

OPEN Quest will have specific missions to be continuously updated matching your skill set. Not everyone is a Rust developer, we know that. But with OPEN Quest, you could earn while you learn to become one. 

Classic quests like liking, sharing or retweeting our materials are still incredibly useful to us as we bring more people on board with our goals. Gamified rewards for quest completion let you level up, which unlocks additional missions to explore and more in-depth arcana for you to learn. 

You earn XP for every quest, competing on our public leaderboards for fun, and XP can be eventually converted into points for Questdrops. The more you know, the more you grow, and, come to think of it, the more everyone else owns. A rightful reward for your contribution to the open internet.

Join our OPEN Quest Now

So Sourcerers, are you ready? If you have skills and want somewhere to use them, energy that needs something to say, and passion just yearning to be unleashed, our OPEN Quest is open. If you’re an adventurer, if you want to journey throughout an open digital land, and give data back to the people, then join our party, we could use someone as magical as you.

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