OPEN Quest

Join the community, learn, and build the Source Network ecosystem. Earn points and get rewarded for your efforts. Become a Sourcerer and make Source Network the greatest ecosystem in Web3.

How It Works
How to "Play"

Welcome to the world of OPEN Quest. Here, players enter the realm and take on the role of Sourcerers - contributors and members of a special guild dedicated to growing, building, and educating the Web about the transformative power of Source Network.

In OPEN Quest, your contributions are truly valued, and you can make a real impact. As you share your knowledge and skills, you'll be rewarded for your efforts in various ways. Embrace the challenge and see if you can become the ultimate Sourcerer.

Begin Your Journey as a Sourcerer

Every Sourcerer is a reflection of you and your unique journey.

Your Sourcerer will be your companion as you navigate the virtual world and interact with other players, growing and evolving based on your actions and contributions.

Embark on Quests

Embark on your Sourcerer's journey by choosing from community, development, or knowledge-based quests. These quests will grow your skills, making friends and frenemies along the way.

Take your time or power through every quest the realm has to offer - the choice is yours.

Earn XP

Earning XP is essential in OPEN Quest. As you complete quests, you'll gain XP that contributes to your Sourcerer level and leaderboard ranking. The more quests you complete, the more XP you'll accumulate!

Level Up!

Once you've completed your first few quests and leveled up your Sourcerer, you'll be one step closer to becoming the top-ranked Sourcerer in the realm. As you continue completing quests and earning XP, your character will level up, unlocking new sections and areas within the Sourcerer's realm, as well as more quests for you to explore.

Venture forth and discover the hidden secrets that await you as you progress through the realm. What masteries lie ahead?

Earn Your Way Into Tokens

By climbing the OPEN Quest leaderboard and leveling up, you can earn your way into the Token Generation Event (TGE).

The TGE is where Sourcerer's will receive exclusive access to purchase the OPEN Token!

Top players from a variety of categories and criteria, will be awarded the opportunity!

*For more information on eligibility please visit the FAQ section.

Convert your points to Questdrops

Players will be able to convert their points into tangible rewards, including "Questdrops". These Questdrops are a unique spin on traditional Airdrops, rewarding you with Source OPEN Tokens. You can also choose to get your hands on exclusive OPEN Quest swag to showcase your dedication.

*For more information on eligibility please visit the FAQ section.

Channel specific perks

Each Sourcerer will have the opportunity to earn XP based on their favorite channels and areas of expertise! Whether you're a Discord master, an engaging Tweeter, a distinguished Telegram wizard, a knowledgeable blog post writer, or a skilled developer, you'll have the chance to receive exclusive badges for the areas you excel in and contribute to the most.

Sourcerers, Are You Ready?

The success of OPEN Quest rests upon your shoulders. Sourcerers must prove themselves by staying active in our community, contributing to development, sharing their knowledge, helping grow our forces, completing quests, and ultimately making Source Network the best ecosystem in Web3.

The realm is awaiting your arrival, ready for your diverse talents and expertise.


OPEN Quest Play-to-Earn features & benefits

Earn your way into our token offering, access Questdrops, earn exclusive badges and get rewarded for taking part in the Source Network Ecosystem.

Access to Questdrops

Complete quests to increase your opportunities to convert your points into Questdrops.

Exclusive Badges

Earn exclusive swag and badges based on activities you take part in, and show them off on the worldwide leaderboards. Who knows what mysterious and valuable rewards the future holds for Sourcerers?

Earn Access to Token Offerings

Dedicated community members who actively contribute through OPEN Quest participation will be eligible for exclusive access to the Source Network OPEN Token generation event.

Shape the Future of Source Network

As you level up your Sourcerer status, you'll have better opportunities to get involved with community DAOs and shape the future of the Source Network Ecosystem.

Game Play

Sourcerer's Quests

Travel down your selected path and use your skills to your benefit.


The OPEN Quest Roadmap

The OPEN Quest world is growing, and Sourcerers all around the realm have some fascinating things planned.
Soft Launch
You’ll be able to experience a taste of what OPEN Quest has in store with our soft launch. Grow with us as if being a part of this new world is your own Quest!
Public Launch
The second phase of OPEN Quest will bring a full public launch, introducing DevQuest and Knowledge Quest lines, along with expanding our current map.
Wallet Integration
Integration with wallets will be an important step in the OPEN Quest process. This allows you to log into your account through a wallet-specific login.
Sourcerer's NFT
Your Sourcerers are unique to you, and our community cherishes them. Let's showcase their significance in the Web3 world with our NFT Launch. Remember, this is not an NFT sale, and no profits will be generated for Source Network. Instead, these NFTs will be minted based on your OPEN Quest XP and progression, reflecting your dedication and achievements.
Partner Integrations
Exciting times lie ahead for OPEN Quest, as we're working tirelessly to bring you a multitude of Partnership integrations. Stay tuned for updates on collaborations with top industry players, enhancing the realm with new possibilities and opportunities.
Token Generation Event
Who doesn't love a good token launch? Join us for the world's first Sourcerer Token Generation Event and get in on this exclusive opportunity to gain access before it becomes publicly available!
Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Open Quest?

OPEN Quest is an equal-opportunity play-to-earn community platform where Sourcerers connect to build the greatest realm in all of Web3.

Sourcerers will challenge friends and peers alike to push each other towards success through friendly competition.

As you climb the ranks and compete in OPEN Quest leaderboards, you'll climb the ranks and showcase your skills, all while shaping the future of the Source Network Ecosystem.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy!

Just hit the “Become a Sourcerer” button to enter the realm and you'll be walked through creating a username, selecting your path, and jumping right into set up.

After creating your Sourcerer, players will be able to complete three different Quest types, consisting of Community Quests, Dev Quests, and Knowledge Quests.

Each quest earns you points, levels up your Sourcerer, brings you closer to Questdrops, and ranks you on the OPEN Quest Leaderboard.

OPEN Quest is designed to reward players for their activity, acknowledging real action with real rewards.

What are Questdrops?

In the Source Network Ecosystem, we've transformed traditional Airdrops into "Questdrops".

As a player, your earned points can be converted into Questdrops, providing you access to Source OPEN Tokens. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to earn exclusive OPEN Quest swag, and receive recognition through rewards and badges.

*For non-accredited US Investors: if you're ineligible to participate in the Token Generation Event (due to regulations), you'll receive your tokens through Questdrops!

I need help.

If you're having difficulty, please join our Discord server and post in the #oq-help channel and our community will be happy to assist!

In addition, a complete list of guides can be found here.


What do I do once I'm in the game?

Once you’ve entered OPEN Quest, you’ll have access to a wide range of quests.

You'll have a choice between community, developer, or knowledge-based quests which will grow your skills and help you make friends along the way.

Every Quest you complete will give you XP that counts towards your Sourcerer level and leaderboard ranking. The more quests you complete, the more XP you'll earn!

How do I level up?

Your Sourcerer will level up as you complete quests and earn XP.

The more quests you complete, the faster you'll level up!

How does the leaderboard work?

The leaderboard consists of the highest ranked players in the Sourcerer's Realm.

You'll be able to see your current worldwide ranking, and how well you stack up against the competition!

Community & Vision

What are the OPEN Quest Milestones?

Our OPEN Quest roadmap breaks down exactly what we're focused on and where the Source Network Ecosystem is going.

We'll continuously post updates on major milestones throughout the year so join our Discord to stay up to date!

BUT - It's ultimately up to you where OPEN Quest goes.

Will OPEN Quest expand into other platforms?

Right now, our team is focused on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram, but that doesn't mean we'll stop there.

As the Source Network Ecosystem expands, so will OPEN Quest... You decide where.

Am I eligible to participate in the TGE?

If you are located in a country not currently on the banned list, or a US Accredited investor, you are eligible to participate in the TGE.

For non-accredited US Investors: If you're ineligible to participate in the Token Generation Event (due to regulations), you'll have the opportunity to receive your tokens through Questdrops!

Become a Sourcerer.

The OPEN Quest realm is awaiting your arrival...