OPEN token

Securing the SourceHub blockchain, OPEN harnesses the power of cryptography, token economics, and community-first design, to optimize the developer and end user experience.

What is the
OPEN token?

Source is an ecosystem of decentralized technologies that fundamentally overhauls the way that developers manage data and build applications. As Source’s native token, OPEN is the economic basis for:

  • Decentralized network security and governance
  • User-centric application building
  • Community incentivization and involvement
  • Integrity of the SourceHub blockchain

Who is OPEN for?


Unlike other protocols, developers are an integral part of OPEN token economics. OPEN, earned through staking or purchase, unlocks the network resources developers need to build and run applications.


OPEN makes the Source end user experience smooth and seamless. When using an app built on Source, OPEN gives developers the ability to ease the burden of managing tokens for users via meta-transactions.

Validators & Delegators

Validators and Delegators lead the community effort to keep the Source network secure. Token holders can stake their token power, as Delegators, to Validators, who produce blocks, and receive rewards through token inflation.

OPEN Staking

Staking is how token holders guarantee the Source ecosystem’s economic security. Since network security is a community effort, users and developers benefit from staking OPEN tokens in three primary ways:


Harness the economic power of your OPEN token to safeguard the security and governance of the Source protocol.


Earn more OPEN tokens by delegating your staking power, to assist your favorite Validators in producing new blocks.


Staking OPEN tokens gives you a voice, securing your vote in community decisions and network proposals.

Earn Rewards
with OPEN

Staking your OPEN tokens earns you a share in the rewards distributed to the community for keeping the SourceHub blockchain secure. These rewards come in two main forms:


OPEN is powered by an inflationary economic system. For each new block, newly minted OPEN tokens are distributed to Delegators, proportionally to their stake, based on the total percentage of staked OPEN.

Transaction Fees

Every transaction must pay a fee, denominated in OPEN, to be included in the Source ecosystem. This fee is disbursed and awarded to Validators, in return for their infrastructure overhead.

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