The trust layer
for your data

SourceHub uses the security and decentralized resilience of blockchain to imagine and enforce new possibilities of user-centric data storage and management.

Wield the power to
permit and protect

Identity Management

Utilizing the DID protocol to enable self-sovereign identity, permissions, and authorization systems

Access Control & Policy

Developers can create and enforce trustless access policies like never before, easily enacting complex permissions protocols.

Anchoring & Auditing

Achieve organization and maintain security, from tracking access history, to assessing document versions and changes.

Robust Ecosystem

SourceHub blends the benefits of permissionless blockchain, with DefraDB’s database management capabilities, to realize our data management vision of interoperability, privacy, and ownership.

Under the hood

Distributed Identifier protocol
DefraDB trust anchor
Delegated Proof-of-Stake
Threshold encryption
Policy & Access Control
Distributed Key Generation

Store your secrets
easily and effectively

Our Secrets Engine is the nucleus of security and accessibility in the Source ecosystem. Both proxy and threshold encryption helps developers leverage unyielding cryptographic power, without sacrificing end user experience.

We built our Zero-Knowledge Key Management System to relieve users of the burdens of public key cryptography. The ZK-KMS allows them to login to apps built with Source as they would any other site, but with the backing of a secure cryptographic key, rather than their mother’s maiden name.

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